Senior Citizen Fitness By Walking

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walkingWalking is one of the simplest exercises that you can do. Many individuals do not perceive of walking as exercise, because they are engaged in this activity on a regular basis. After all, they’re just walking. However, walking can become your favorite fitness program. Walking is a very easy exercise to begin, because no special equipment is needed. Walking can assist seniors to achieve quick weight loss.

Recent studies have revealed that to maintain health as we age it is best to engage in daily physical activity for about an hour per day. If you’ve been sedentary for a good number of years, this can be a frightening thought.Walking for an hour does not seem as daunting as other types of exercise regimens might.

Many people have the misconception that unless you are sweating like crazy during a workout, you are not going to see any benefit from exercise. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact walking is a great weight to help seniors achieve rapid weight loss.

There are many activities that you can perform at different fitness levels and get great results. Walking is one of those exercises.

For seniors, walking is an exercise that can grow in its intensity and duration as you increase your fitness level. Your walking program may start with an easy stroll, but as you progress, you will have a goal of becoming fit.

Here are a few benefits of walking:

” Improved cardiovascular endurance

” Proper posture
” Improved mood
” Weight loss
” Improved sleep
” Increased muscle tone

Walking can be done most anywhere and at just about any time. You may want to begin in a mall with other early morning walkers. There may be a track at your local high school or university. You can go out in the rain or cold as long as you wear proper gear and walk flat paths for safety. Walking is a very versatile exercise program.Just keep your walking shoes handy so wherever you go, you can be sure to take your walk.

Start at a pace that you can maintain and still hold a conversation. This will be more rapid than a slow stroll but you will not be racing either. Start with a half mile or a mile walk. When you are able to walk more briskly, you can increase your distance to constantly challenge yourself.

As you get more fit and start to look for greater fitness challenges, move off the track or mall and onto walking paths that have hills. Walking up and down hills will not only improve your muscle strength, but your heart and lungs will get a good workout, too. If you live in a neighborhood that has nice sidewalks and streets, choose your path and take a walk. Call a friend to join you and enjoy your walk even more!

Walking is a very good method for increasing the fitness of senior citizens. It is an activity that is easily customized. You should vary your routine daily and increase its intensity as you progress in your fitness program to make it more effective.

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